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Our Company Mission is simple, to deliver the American Dream,
of owning your own real estate!

With our "Owner Financing"we offer low down payments and low
monthly payments that will fit any budget, and with no credit check.
How can we do this? We have our own in-house financing and have
successfully financed 100's of people who have bought land from us.
To take advantage of our special offers." Click Here"

Having been in the land sale business since 1997, we've seen the
price for land cycle through ups and downs, but never seen the down-slide
move as fast as over the last three years. "How Fortunes Can Be
This is why we feel the upside potential is so great at the moment.
We feel to hold these lots for three to five years you could double even
triple your investment, it has happened before and it will happen again.

Now is the time to buy while prices are at rock bottom and make your
investment a reality.

Example: A lot that used to sell for $80,000.00 is now $9,900.00 and has taxes of $300.00
per year. Your total investment over three years is $10,800.00. We feel this land will
double or triple in value over the next three to five years.

CHL Holdings is proud to be an equal opportunity lender.
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